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Register Your Card

Register Your Card for Online Purchases.


Your card must be registered in your name and address in order to use your card for online purchases. You may register your card by following the steps below.

Your card was active at the time of the initial card sale and load - no activation is necessary.

Registering Your Card

The following steps will assist you in registering your new card for online purchases and creating an online account to view your transactions and check your balance.

If you have not previously created/changed your card PIN, your default card PIN is located on the paper that your card came attached to. If this information is not available please contact the customer support line at 1-800-486-0292 to register your card & reset your card PIN.

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First Time Cardholder - Start Here

Registering your Gift Card requires just a few simple steps.

1. Click the "Register Card" link to begin the card activation process.

2. Click the "Create User ID" button to create your online account.

3. Enter in your card number, the card expiration date, the 3-digit CVV code, the card PIN located on the paper your card was attached to and the text displayed in the CAPTCHA image and click "Submit".

4. Create your User ID & Password.

5. Change your card PIN.

6. Set up your security question & answers.

7. Either click the link to register your card OR log in to your created online account & click "My Info" to register your card in your name and address.

Success! Your card is now ready to use for online purchases.

Already Have an Online Account?

If you already have an online account you can simply "Link" your new card to your existing online account following these steps. Please note that you will need to know your card PIN in order to complete online card linking. Your default card PIN if you had not yet changed it is located on the paper that had come with your card.

1. Log in using your existing User ID & Password.

2. Click the "Chain Link" icon in the upper right hand corner of the page or click the "Link Card" button on the left side of the page.

3. Enter your card number & enter the CAPTCHA text as it appears on your screen and click "Save".

4. Enter your Card PIN located on the paper y our card was attached to, the CVV code & create a new card PIN and click "Save".

5. Your new card is now linked to your online account.

6. Register your card by selecting the new card on the home page and select "Edit My Info" to register your card for online payment.

Success! Your card is now ready to use for online payments.