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Convenient Access Visa Prepaid Card

The Convenient Access Visa® Prepaid Card is a general purpose reloadable prepaid card with hundreds of applications.

How it Works

  • Get Access - No credit check required
  • Load/reload card at the bank where it is purchased, via direct deposit or from a registered bank account
  • Make purchases/get cash anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted: online, in store, ATM's and over the phone
  • Text / email alerts when card is used or card balance is low
  • Pay bills online to avoid late payments
  • 24/7 card account access online or via 800 number

What it's For

  • Ideal for consumers that don't qualify for (or choose not to open) traditional checking accounts
  • Great way to provide budgeted spending money to students away at school
  • Use for online purchases to shelter your bank account from online fraud
  • Perfect way to budget/limit discretionary spending