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  • How complicated is it to sign up and sell cards?
  • It is really quite simple. We provide you with a turnkey solution. The program includes everything you need to be successful. We provide marketing material, systems, training and support. After we receive your enrollment form, one of our client specialists will arrange a call with your primary contact to discuss the process in detail.
  • How long does it take before I can be selling cards?
  • It's fast. If you don't plan to co-brand the cards with your logo, we can have you up and running within a couple of weeks. For co-branders, it takes a little longer because it requires Visa approval and manufacturing setup. Normally, you can be up and running with co-branded cards within 30-60 days.
  • Can I put my logo on the cards?
  • Yes. We call that co-branding. Co-branding the cards is a great way to promote your brand and extend your reach.
  • Is there an agreement that I need to sign?
  • Yes. There is a Prepaid Card Program Agreement that details our responsibilities to you and your commitments to us. When you are ready to get started, it will be provided to your for your review.
  • Does signing up for the prepaid card program require a long term commitment?
  • No. You can stop selling cards at any time, but most of our customers stick with us for the long haul. You will find that our program brings in new customers, helps you better serve existing customers and generates fee income.