Frequently Asked Questions

Security and Compliance Questions

Security and Compliance Answers

  • Are your card programs compliant with state and federal regulations?
  • Yes. We take compliance very seriously. This is one of the many benefits of working with Convenient Cards. We constantly monitor the regulatory landscape to make sure our card programs are compliant.
  • Do your point of sale systems use encryption?
  • Yes. Our card sales systems are web based. They use TLS 1.0, RC4 with 128bit encryption; RSA with 1024 bit exchange.
  • Do your card sales systems have user level access control?
  • Yes. You designate your Primary Contact for the card programs. We provide system credentials for the Primary Contact and the privileges to setup accounts for all employees that will be selling cards. The Primary Contact can add and remove users at any time.
  • What happens when a teller with system access is no longer working at the bank / credit union?
  • The person in your organization that you have designated as the Primary Contact would log into the system and remove the user account for the person no longer working at the bank / credit union.
  • What do we do if an examiner is on site and has questions that we can't answer?
  • Call our client support team. They will connect you with the Chief Compliance Officer who will help you answer any compliance questions.