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Native American Use Cases - Reloadable Cards

TANF Programs

Many American Indian tribes administer Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs. These tribes have chosen to administer Tribal TANF programs, either alone or as part of a consortium with other tribes, rather than having tribal members receive benefits and services from state TANF programs.

Tribes use the flexibility of Tribal TANF to create diverse programs that reflect their unique circumstances, opportunities, and cultures.

Our Tribal TANF Card programs improve the speed and efficiency of delivering funds to families in need and provide tribes with greater control over how the funds are used.

Employee Payroll Programs

Convenient Cards offers payroll cards for employees without bank accounts.

Your tribe can issue payroll cards to employees that don’t have bank accounts - eliminating the need to issue paper checks which will save the tribe money.

Payroll cards also enable unbanked employees to avoid check cashing fees.