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Native American Tribal Payment Distribution Programs

Benefits for Tribe
  • Saves money and improves efficiency
  • Guarantees security of funds
  • Ensures funds are used for intended purposes
  • Custom cards promote Tribal brand
Benefits for Citizens
  • Citizens receive funds sooner
  • Cards can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Online/800# access to track purchases and balance
  • Secure card activation and fraud protection
  • Cards can be used to make online purchases

Fast. Efficient. Cost Effective.

Many Native American tribes have social services programs and educational assistance programs where they distribute funds to their citizens. Examples include clothing grants, academic achievement awards and financial assistance. Delivering such services quickly, efficiently and cost effectively is the goal of every tribe.

Convenient Cards' payment distribution solutions enable tribes to quickly distribute funds to citizens and to ensure that the funds are spent in accordance with the social services programs. Our advanced payment solutions save money when compared to traditional approaches and provide convenience to citizens.


Grant Cards are far more secure than sending checks. Unlike paper checks that can be lost or stolen and then cashed by others, Grant Cards require activation before use with information only known by the intended recipients.

Spending Controlled.

Grant Card programs can be set up to control how funds are spent to ensure compliance with the intended purposes of the grants. For example, Clothing Grant Cards can be set up to allow transactions at clothing merchants only and to deny all other transactions.